The following chapters presents a series of wider reflections on topics related to the work and results of this project, ranging from the concrete process of developing and performing with a new instrument and how to relate to conceptual implications of using speech recordings, to more philosophical thoughts on perception, form and language, and concluding with some thoughts on the musical results. Some of these reflections are rather essayistic in form and based on what Borgdorff describes as the kind of unfinished thinking that is a part of artistic practice – a kind of reflection that perhaps has more in common with an un-academic speculative philosophy than with academic rigour (Borgdorff, 2012, p. 71). I nevertheless think it is important to include these subjects as they form an integral backdrop of thoughts and ideas for understanding and appreciating the creative work carried out in this project.


Borgdorff, H. (2012). The conflict of the faculties: perspectives on artistic research and academia. Leiden: Leiden University press.

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