Portable versions of the documentation on this site:

PDF:  Formo-TheMusicOfLanguage.pdf (12MB)
ePub: Formo-TheMusicOfLanguage.epub (2.3MB)
mobi: (2MB)

The “Orchestra of Speech” instrument system software.
The software needs a copy of Max to run, and requires Ircam’s FTM and MuBu external libraries to work.

Download software: (~5MB)

Source code for custom MIDI controller.
Based on the Arduino-compatible Teensy microcontroller board.

Download source code: controller_v2_2.ino

Paper for the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2018.

Download conference paper:
The Orchestra of speech – a speech based instrument system.pdf

Essay on the history, foundations and justifications of artistic research.

Download essay: Essay_on_Artistic_Research.pdf

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